About the Coffee Corner Bistro

The Coffee Corner Bistro’s Espresso Bar was established in 1999. The Bistro is open 7 days a week.

Mon-Fri 6am-6pm

Weekends 7am-6pm

24 responses to “About the Coffee Corner Bistro

  1. Where would I be able to get an application

  2. Hey I’m in GA and would like to buy a gift certificate for a friend who loves you guys. Is there a way I can get a gift card for her?

  3. What age do you hire at?

  4. We stopped in for a bite to eat today and were happy we did! Your menu was amazing and the staff was great! We loved the wrap and sandwich we ordered.
    We would recommend the bistro to friends and will definitely stop back next time we’re in Kewaskum!
    Thank you!

  5. Hello,
    Do you have gift certificates for your place?

    Thank you,

  6. Hello
    Displaying artist – Garry Bakic
    Wondering if your going to be closed …. for a long time?

  7. Richard A Kapfenstein

    I am looking for part time work. I have been a chef for over 40 years and now part retired and doing comm. cleaning. Willing to try some thing else if possible. will wait to hear from you. Thank you

  8. Is there any way to resolve my problem of the person plowing snow for the Coffee Corner to stop slamming down their plow, and running a snow blower at 5 AM when he/she plows? Or can that person reschedule plowing for a later time in the morning?

  9. Are you hiring part time at all?

  10. Caitlyn Klostermann

    Do you have any part time positions for high school students right now?

  11. Are you hiring?

    • Yes. We are looking for someone with day and rotating weekend availability. And this is NOT a summer only or seasonal position. Please bring in a resume with work history, contact info and a little about yourself.

  12. Hello, I will be visiting your immediate area Friday, 4/8, and to keep me company on the ride up and back, my wife has graciously offered to come along. Does your bistro offer free WiFi, to keep her busy while I an off conducting business?

  13. Hello, I am wondering if you offer any gluten-free options?

    • Yes we do. We offer a gluten free sandwich bread. We also have Gluten Free Almond Tea Bread and our Cherry Almond Granola and Baked Oatmeal are both made without wheat products (although we do not use gluten free oats).

  14. Dear Coffee Coner,

    I think I have got an old photo postcard of the 50/60s of your building.
    It is the building on the left corner.
    Please take a look at eBay
    Kewaskum rppc Main Street Shops WI Wisconsin 50s 60s
    item number: 371362049273


    Best regards,

    Han Kian

  15. Leroy Strowig

    Excuse me, are you hiring by any chance?

  16. I would like to purchase some of Bernie’s honey. Do I have to contact him directly to purchase some?

  17. Hello. Is the Coffee Corner Bistro interested in working with Team Pedal Moraine as a sponsor? Unfortunately, we’re down to the last week or two for signing on new sponsors for 2014 – sorry for the late inquiry. Regardless, I always think highly of your restaurant’s food and service. The marketing aspect of being on our T-shirts and Gear helps increase sales, along with word-of-mouth. Plus, cyclists drink lots of coffee, eat lots of good food… I have a 3 page proposal to send via. e-mail if you’d like to learn more. You providing a few hundred dollars and a logo for our gear would get the process going full speed ahead πŸ™‚

    Jeff Melcher
    phone: 262-689-7785
    Cycling Form & Fitness (Owner)
    Team Pedal Moraine (Co-Captain)
    blog: http://teampedalmoraine.blogspot.com

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